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Air-Intermingled Yarn

This Yarn uses the technology of air intermingling where a flat bundle of Yarn is subjected to turbulent cold air jet, this air flow causes the loose Yarn to inter-twine & mingle with each other to form a compact section.

Technical Specifications

  • Denier Range

    600D to 4800D
  • Tenacity (GPD)

    6 ++(+/-5%)
  • Elongation

    24-26 (+/- 5%)
  • Knots per meter

  • Color

    Based on customer requirement
  • Package Size

    5kg package approx. or as per customer requirement


  • High breaking load (kgf)
  • Color fastness
  • Customized as per customer requirement
  • Safe to use
  • UV protected
  • Chemical, rot and mildew resistance
  • Smooth running on manual & automatic machines
  • Increase in packaging efficiency
  • Cost effective stitching
  • Can replace nylon or polyester

Raw Material

Polypropylene small